My husband finihed his life for 45 years last year at the beginning of summer when young leaves  grow well and beautifully.
He has been sick in hospital since at the season of cherry blossoms in full bloom.
If life were like a stage, his first stage was over and might wait for the next stage.
As for me, left alone but I would live until the end of the stage.
I'd like to play the life as a heroine who can show the joy and great life in my stage.
I don't want to play as a sad heroine in the rest of my stage.

I was given much encouragement to get over the difficulties by many people during his life under medical treatment.
Without those support I wouldn't get through the tough period.

My husband never gave up his life even after the disease notification of bad cancer.
He never lose his hope to recover and get well. So he didn't leave any words in the end of life nor farwell words to me. His word was what he wanted to do when he recovered and left the hospital.
He gave me lots of energy and left me confidence that's why I'm fine after his death.

He used to say " The most important is not to lose than to win "
It reminds me of his soul and spirit. His existance lives with us in our heart forever.

Nothing compares so sad to lose my husband.
But he taught me treasure of life instead of his life itself.
The great treasure surpassed the grief.
I really respect his attitude for life and appreciate his love and tenderness.

I tell all of you that he made his goal and happy ending.
I thank you a lot instead of him.
I'm convinced that he started for the next life stage after the perfect life.
Regards with gratitude and love.

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