To live my life


Life time is a precious gift given from the universe.


Life time is not limitless but no one knows when it ends.


I embrace each time to make it full of joy and hope.


Time and nature provide us equally.


There is no fate nor destiny but just the soul.


We can be the sun or the moon and sometimes trees.


Wind, water, fire, the mountains and the sea also give life


I can pretend any of them to make my scene of life cinema.


We are one of the life in the universe.       (20130311)




Being decisive


The great actress confessed her sickness cancer was at the terminal in the whole body.


It was a very shocking comment from her but her word was incredible strong.


She said

' If you make yourself ready for the last moment, you can set you free and easy to live. '


I'm very impressed with her ultimate decisive mind.


I totally agree with her  handsome view of life.  ( 20130312)