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I happened to find this page when I surfed on pets.

It was really an interesting blog about shibainu Jiro and the Daddy.

The daddy sometimes pretended as if Jiro spoke in the blog.

His sense of humor was very smart and intelligent as well as funny.

I felt very cheerful and brightened after reading his blog.

One day Jiro was seriously sick of old age.

I made it a book mark in this page because I gave a comment and got a reply back from him.   

It was a good moment after Jiro recovered a bit ... But he died weeks later.

It was the early spring in 2011.


Then the daddy got ill a while after Jiro's death.

He continued to post as interesting blogs as before.

But he was getting weaker and weaker after the surgery.

He was one of the gentle, funny and intelligent person.

He was loved by his family and many readers.

His life was closed November 2012.

I was very sorry but he did his best and gave great impression to us.

If you are interested his blog, you can read his blog.

I really appreciate his warm family to to share with us.


 Jiro,don't die

Jiro's blog

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